Give The Empty Wall Space In Your Home A Makeover With These Clever Wall Art Ideas.

Blank wall space in your room often stands out as an eyesore, especially when it is in the centre of the room. To give your home some definition and make the home decor more unique and creative, it is a good idea to instil wall art in spaces that need that extra oomph. 

Displaying wall art in your home decor also adds personality and vibrancy to your space while elevating the home experience for your family and guests. If you’re looking for wall art ideas to upscale your home decor, here are 6 ways you do that.

Triptych Wall Art Above Furniture

To use up the space above your dresser, or a piece of furniture in your living room, you can add three-piece wall art or Triptych wall art that fills up the entire space. This Triptych abstract art set looks amazing and adds a lot of character to your living room space. For a cohesive look, gather a collection of pieces in a similar colour palette or style.

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Vintage Wall Art

Choose vintage wall art frames for your home to display a collection of artwork that tells a story. Spruced up vintage wall frames with traditional art display gives a truly authentic look. You can shop vintage art prints at affordable prices from Harmony Arts to match the wall-

Large Scale Wall Decor

A single piece of art can be the solution for an entire blank wall, especially if it's a dramatic size. You can also emphasise the large scale wall art by installing decorative pieces around it. Large scale wall decor usually looks great in living spaces where they can be on display.

Headboard Art For Bedroom

Use framed prints to fill up blank space on the wall behind a bed. This arrangement doubles as a headboard. For a detailed look, you can either hang one large piece or use smaller black frames for a grid-like look. Framed art prints are easy to find, just make sure you buy art frames that are similar in colour and vibes.

Art For Closed Spaces

It can be easy to overlook small spaces when designing a room but closed spaces and nooks and corners in your house are great places to add an ensemble of wall art prints. You can go for monochrome wall art in your study room or a blank bathroom wall that complements the subtlety and sobriety of the room’s finish. Choose small-scale pieces that won't overwhelm the tight space.

Floating Wall Art Shelf For Kitchen Decor

Don't let a small kitchen space stand in the way of your decor. Hang a couple of floating shelves on a blank wall or in a tight corner and fill them with ceramics and large wall art. This will help bring out the kitchen tile and decor patterns more and add life to your kitchen. Contrasting colours that help the space pop are very much recommended. You can also add kitchen themed art frames to go with the rest of the space.


As you plan on decorating your home, start with inexpensive wall art ideas that don’t empty your pockets but at the same time elevate your home space in more ways than one. You can easily customize or buy art prints from online stores that will work great with the space. But always keep in mind not to overcrowd the blank spot and make the room decor look more breathable and attractive.

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