Abstract Painting

Abstract painting emerged at the beginning of the 20th century, when many artists tried to detach themselves from the traditional formal school of thought and did not refer to reality in their paintings. Abstract painting is considered the purest form of Expressionist art, in which the artist does not respect the limitations of real subjects and objects and gives free rein to their imagination. Abstract art has influenced many artistic movements such as orphism, abstract expressionism, minimal art and conceptual art.

Abstract paintings are characterized by bold and crazy patterns and colors to attract everyone's attention. Abstract works of art give free rein to artists "creativity and are open to interpretation by onlookers. Abstract paintings awaken our emotions, inspire us and add depth to an entire room through the use of color, form and texture.

Another way of looking at abstract art is that it emphasizes the true spirit of a concept or theme, regardless of its form. Artists have given more thought to abstract painting, which is why it has a higher price than other works of art.

Because of the freedom that abstract art offers, many contemporary artists are drawn to create non-representational works and abstract canvas paintings are in demand by collectors and art lovers around the world. Abstract paintings can be made with many media, and while many artists use acrylic, others prefer abstract oil paintings or abstract watercolors. Browse the following works to find a selection of many abstract artworks offered for sale online by Saatchi & Art and some of the most promising artists working today.

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