Madhubani Painting

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Madhubani art is one of the oldest Indian art forms. Also known as Mithila painting, it originated in the Mithila region of Bihar and Nepal. The traditional art form typically revolves around the themes of nature and mythology on a canvas. The exquisite art has acquired immense acclaim in the Indian and International markets, garnering praise for its intricate designs and patterns.

At Harmony Arts, we bring to you the best-handpicked collection of traditional Madhubani paintings. Our collection spans all types of Madhubani art, from religious festivities and social scenes to paintings depicting the elements of nature. You can choose the one that matches your taste and preferences.

History & Evolution of Traditional Madhubani Painting

The origin of Madhubani art can be traced back to the Mithila region of Bihar. Historically, women made evocative Madhubani paintings on the freshly plastered walls and floors of their mud huts. Their paintings were a reflection of their dreams, thoughts, and hopes. These exceptional art techniques and skills were passed down the generations for centuries, preserving the unique attributes of Madhubani art.

Over time, Madhubani paintings became an integral part of festivals and special events like weddings. Gradually, Madhubani art reached the global stage as contemporary Indian artists started to experiment with this ethnic art form.

Today, thousands of men and women of the region paint this style onto a cloth, canvas, and handmade paper. Since the paintings have been confined to a restricted geographical range, the styles, as well as themes, are more or less the same.

At Harmony Arts, we showcase a range of Madhubani paintings from young, talented, and inspired Indian artists. You are welcome to buy Madhubani paintings online or browse through our online gallery to see our extensive variety. All artworks include a certificate of authenticity.

Types of Madhubani Paintings We Offer

Cherish the exotic culture and heritage of India with Madhubani paintings available at our art gallery. Every single piece in our gallery speaks volumes about Indian mythology, traditions, and festivities.

Done by talented Indian artists, these paintings explore intricacies and details. You can choose from portrait and landscape styles to make sure the piece complements your home.

At Harmony Arts, you can buy Madhubani paintings that revolve around three main themes:

• Religious festivities
• Indian gods and goddesses
• Elements of nature

All these paintings use only natural dyes, made from vegetables, flowers, and leaves. With us, you can also find Madhubani paintings on Ardhanarishvara (an androgynous form of the Hindu Lord Shiva depicted as half male and half female, and His consort Parvati). Our paintings also depict Mythological characters, Marriages, Festivals, Sun, Moon, and much more.

The Beauty of Madhubani Paintings Lies in its Simplicity

Originally, Madhubani paintings were made by different sects of people. Consequently, they are categorized into five different styles: Bharni, Tantrik, Katchni, Godna, and Kohbar. But nowadays, these five styles have been merged by contemporary artists.

The themes used in most paintings revolve around Hindu gods and goddesses like Krishna, Shiva, Rama, Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. Heavenly bodies like the Moon and the Sun also play a vital role in these paintings. The use of geometric patterns is pretty apparent in Madhubani art. These patterns make the artwork much more intriguing and special.

A traditional Madhubani painting is also known for its simplicity. The brushes and colours it uses are typically derived from natural sources. For instance, the colours are derived from turmeric, sandalwood, indigo, various flowers, pollen, pigments, etc. and processed to obtain the desired colours.

If the artist comes across any empty spaces in the painting after completing the design, he usually fills it up using motifs of animals, birds, flowers, and geometrical patterns.

Adorn Your Space with Traditional Madhubani Art from Harmony Arts

At Harmony Arts, we deal in an extensive range of ethnic art collections. Mostly made from handmade paper, these paintings span multi-coloured pieces as well as monochromatic ones.

A traditional Madhubani painting can add an element of elegance and sophistication to any space. You can place an oversized painting on top of a console in your drawing room for a touch of taste. Alternatively, these paintings can also brighten up your living room, adding a tinge of ethnicity.

You can buy Madhubani paintings to complement all kinds of interior decoration themes and styles. They go well with both modern and contemporary furniture items, often creating a central point of attention.

Buy Madhubani Paintings to Gift to Your Loved Ones

If you are looking for something different from the typical run-of-the-mill gifts, a stunning Madhubani painting is the ideal choice.

Only a few gifting options are as timeless as a piece of art. Some years down the line, the amazing perfume you gifted will run dry, the designer clothes will no longer be in fashion, and the high-tech gadget will be obsolete. The only thing that will remain to stir emotions will be the beautiful painting set on walls and mantles.

You can browse through our Madhubani art designs exhibited on our website. You can easily notice the level of intricacy with which each painting is created. These paintings will be the perfect gift for your loved ones that they can cherish for a lifetime.

Our Promise of Quality

Add a subtle touch of elegance to your home with our wide range of art paintings. Our high-quality product offerings in tandem with our customer-friendly policies ensure that you have a stress-free shopping experience. We have a 5-7 day Easy Return and Replacement policy for the convenience of our esteemed customers.

Our gallery’s vision is to encourage the folk art and budding artists of India. Also, we make sure that you as a collector get the best of Indian art to treasure in your personal spaces.

With your continued support and patronage, we hope to make available the best of traditional Madhubani paintings exclusively for you.