Traditional Art

Cherish the History of the Traditional Art of India with Harmony Arts
The traditional art of India depicts the cultural and traditional harmony of the vibrant country. The folk art of India is simple, vibrant and has an ethnic touch from the region of its origin. With the high acclaim in the international art markets, these traditional art forms portray the rich cultural heritage of India.
Offering these rare works of art is the famous art gallery of Gujrat-Harmony Arts. Owning these traditional art pieces has become convenient with the efforts of the founders - whose dream is to make 'Indian and International art available to art lovers.' 
The Variety We Offer 
Gift Indian artist paintings to loved ones from the extensive selections available on our website. The gallery hosts varieties of folk arts like the Madhubani, Gond, Pahari and Basholi. Select paintings by Indian artists from the different categories of the folk-art collection offered Harmony Arts.
Madhubani Paintings
Own a piece of the popular folk art of Bihar. Madhubani art is also known as Mithila painting is characterised by the line sketches of mythical figures filled with vibrant colours and contrasting backgrounds. Frame these earthy mineral coloured Indian artist paintings in your home or office and give it a traditional vibe.
Palm Leaf Paintings
Rare artwork like the Palm leaf painting not only enhances the aesthetic of your home but also represents your cultural ties. The Pattachitra painting is another intricate form of Indian folk art. Originating in Orissa, these etchings depict Indian mythological scenes of gods and goddesses. These Indian artist paintings follow a very intricate process to prepare their canvas and make use of dyes and brushes made from naturally available raw materials.
Pahari Paintings
Elevate your modern living room, with the brightly coloured slim humans from the Pahari paintings. These Indian artist paintings trace their origin back to the Mughal era and are popularly called miniature paintings. A lot of interior decorators make use of a miniature portrait to brighten the corners of your home.
Gond Paintings
Pop and modern interior widely incorporate the Gond paintings in their designs for their abstract nature. The use of dots and lines characterise these nature-inspired paintings. Portraying the closeness to nature this vibrant traditional art of India is a perfect gift for nature lovers.
Basholi Paintings
Fusion folk art like the Basholi paintings are extremely rare and costly. The traditional art of India - Basholi artworks are a combination of Mughal art, Hindu mythology and folk arts of Basholi region. Expanded canvases of these bright-hued paintings make up for the perfect centrepiece artwork to decorate your walls.