Tanjore Painting

Tanjore painting is a classical South Indian painting style that was introduced in the city of Thanjavur (anglicized as Tanjore) in southern Tamil Nadu state of India.

Tanjore paintings are classical South Indian art that developed in Thanjavur (also known as Tanjore) in Tamilnadu in the late 16th century, a southern Indian state. With their seductive illustrations of purplish scenes, they evoke a sense of class and timelessness.

Due to the richness and depth of realistic and unique shapes in this genre, demand increases year on year. The Tanjore paintings of Lord Krishna and Tanjores paintings of Lord Ganesha are very much in demand and bestsellers around the world. Harmony Arts, a 20-year-old art gallery in Gujarat, India, has a comprehensive and exclusive collection of traditional and contemporary paintings and prints.

Thanjavur is a city situated in Tamil Nadu it’s an important center of South Indian art, architecture, and heritage. The city is famous for its unique kind of painting popularly known as ‘Tanjore Paintings ‘ They are handmade in vibrant colors and rich artwork. It’s claimed that paintings last for a minimum of 30 years.Read Interesting blogs at Thegeneralfacts

The subject matter of this beautiful painting is Lord Krishna who is the eighth incarnation of Vishnu and Radha Rani. Lord Krishna is the most revered god in the Hindu religion. These paintings depict the divine love of Radha and Krishna .’The swinging Radha Krishna’ ‘Standing and playing flute’ and ‘Radha Shringar’ are some of the prominent postures of these paintings.