Landscape Painting

Landscape painting has remained an outstanding genre of art throughout the history of art, alongside portrait, genre and history painting. There has always been a desire to represent the natural world and share the world.

landscape painting

Landscape painting refers to the representation of natural landscapes such as waters, mountains, forests and valleys. It offers spectacular views of nature from every room. The sky is the main element and the weather plays a key role in the overall composition.

Man's inherent respect for nature has made landscape painting more and more popular with artists and collectors of different artistic currents, which has led to different styles of landscape genres. These range from classical Greco-Roman inspired works to impressionistic, surreal and abstract ones. Harmony Arts has the perfect work for you with its global selection of contemporary landscape paintings for sale online, whether you prefer dramatic ocean landscapes, majestic mountains or idyllic lakes.

As the name suggests, landscape painting represents natural landscapes, but in landscape art it is also called natural painting. Landscape art emerged in many regions of Europe as a true genre in the 15th century with the Greek frescoes that are known as pure landscape painting.

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