6 Creative Ways You Can Play Around With Different Wall Decor

New Year, New Wall. That’s the line we live by. Yes, it sounds silly but redoing your wall with unique art pieces, colours, patterns, etc can liven up your home ambience completely. You have so many beautiful yet cost-effective ways to make your walls eye-catching and elevate your living experience. Decorating your wall also give your rooms a fresh update and make you feel new and refreshed likewise. So, what’s holding you back, we have shared 6 tips on how can play around with different wall decor to give your home a new and refreshed look. Take a look below -

Display Large Abstract Paintings

Abstract painting brings out an artistic expression and finessed taste. They simply set your room apart from any generic ones. If you’re a person with an esthete personality then abstract art is definitely a fit for your home. Since they themselves are quite an exhibitionist it would fit centre to your living rooms. To complement them use neutral tone colours in the wall and furniture with minimal side decor.

Wall shelves housing modern and Traditional Art Pieces

Wall shelves make a smart choice to not only house artifacts but also good design. It breaks monotonous colours and brings good visuals. You can DIY wall shelves like the picture below using a few things. Take some ropes and drill a hole in a nice wooden piece and hang it with a pin in the wall. Place some modern art pieces or traditional art pieces depending upon the rooms colour scheme and other side decors.

Wall lamps for That right amount of highlight

Wall lamps can be really useful when highlighting your walls with paintings or other decors. Take a look at the picture below. You can see how it throws a spotlight on your wall painting and overall wall and brightens up the entire space. They bring a pleasant ambience and captivate your eyes.

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Wall decals are a great choice

Wall decals are easy and inexpensive way to create an alluring wall. They give a nice layer of design and pop off the overall aesthetic of the room. You can try map wall decals, flower petals, even god and goddess decals depending upon your palette.

Quirky wall frames to match your personality

Quirky quote wall frames make great wall hangings for bedrooms or study rooms. They give you the inspo you need to get going and make for a pleasant addition to your walls. Quirky art frames are more of a personal choice and should be selected based on what brings you joy.

A Gallery Of Photographs

We often keep our photographs or our clicked photographs locked in photo albums. But ever thought of displaying them proudly? You can simply take a printout of some of your best pictures and add them into frames and flaunt them to your guests. It can really show your talent and bring a touch of memories and true human emotions.

Your walls are your blank canvases. You are the maestro. It’s up to you how you will fill them up and create new masterpieces. Take help with these ideas while doing your wall and let us know how you created your masterpiece walls. If you want help with different wall art pieces then head over to Harmony Arts, where you can find thousands of unique art pieces online to match your style and create stunning walls.